A mobile app to list, find and book available parking spaces



The goal of this project was to identify a product opportunity; develop a prototype of a mobile app solving that problem; develop a 6 month business plan and to launch a crowd-funding campaign to potentially fund the development of the app. The problem space we explored as a team was sharing private parking spots.

Team members

Montserrat Lobos, Sun Park, Soo Park, Rohan Singh, Alberto Cursack, Peeyush Goyal

My role

Business development lead:
Responsible for determining how the business creates, delivers and captures value. Developed the value diagram, growth hypothesis and the 6 month business plan.

Co – user experience research lead:
Assisted in developing storyboards for concept discovery, wireframes and paper mockups for concept testing, customer experience map for synthesizing research findings

Identifying an opportunity area

Opportunity identified : “Improve the parking experience by helping drivers list, find and book available parking spaces.”


Conducted a PEST analysis, which stands for analyzing the current political, social, economic and technological trends; identified a product opportunity gap and developed storyboards to get quick user feedback through surveys and interviews.

Click here to see the survey and interview findings.

We identified an opportunity to enable parking spot owners to rent their private parking spots which could be discovered by a parking spot seeker. Spotter differs from existing solutions in showing drivers private garages listed by Spotter users, showing public garages near the drivers’ location and predicting the availability of on-street parking spots


Assessing the viability of the service


Assessed the value exchange between different stakeholders and determined the growth strategy


Developed a value diagram to analyze how the service creates value and can be profitable. Determined the revenue source to be a 5% cut from the parking provider’s share.

Developed a growth hypothesis to determine how different stakeholders adopt and promote the service.  Recommended the use of ‘Spotter badges’ to make the service popular.


 Spotter app development

Assisted in developing wireframes and paper mockups

App dev_usability testing

I assisted the team in developing wireframes and paper mockups which were then used to conduct usability studies with participants.

Assisted in developing the customer experience map

Experience map_provider

Experience map_seeker

I assisted the team in developing the customer experience map for both – the parking spot seeker and the parking spot provider. The experience map helped in understanding what users think and what users are doing at different stages of lending or renting a parking spot. The experience map helped the designers in refining the interface.

Final app interface for the parking spot seeker and parking spot provider


Analyzing the investment required


I analyzed the cost required for developing the app, quantified the growth hypothesis to determine the break even point and finally determined the investment required assuming a 6 month development period.

Click here to see the detailed excel file of the analysis.

Click here to see the kickstarter page.