Exploratory research

Household appliance for the millenials


The goal of this project was to uncover unmet user needs and identify an opportunity to develop a household appliance for the millennials.

Team members

Ewen Zhong, Philip Marchetti, Chintan Sharma, Rujia He, Peeyush Goyal

My role

Research synthesis:
My main responsibility was to translate raw data gathered during research into meaningful insights and identify opportunity areas.

In addition to this, I also assisted the team in planning and conducting research.




Understood SET factors
What are SET factors?

SET stands for Social trends, Economic forces and Technological advances.

How we identified the SET factors?

Performed a comprehensive literature survey to understand the current social, economic and technological landscape.

How does this help?

The SET trends will guide the development of concepts and realization of the final product.

Performed exploratory research to understand the millennial’s habits, behaviors and attitudes
Gathered data


Semi-structured interviews



Cultural probes




Diary studies



Directed tours



Made sense of the data gathered

Research objective
To understand the behavior of millennials, the activities they engage in while at home, the challenges they face while performing those activities and the activities they would like to be able to perform at home

Method Objective
Semi-structured interviews and surveys To understand the activities millennials engage in and would like to engage in
Cultural probes To gain insights into millennials’ behaviors and attitudes by examining pictures they click based on the guidelines prescribed
Directed tours To understand the millennials’ personal space, their behaviors and the activities they currently engage in
Diary studies To understand the challenges millennials face while engaging in activities at home – they were asked to make an entry whenever something at home frustrated or annoyed them


Finally, Identified opportunity areas

From the thematic analysis, we learned that millennials are highly social, multitask a lot, lead a fast paced lifestyle and actively seek healthier living solutions.

We used these themes and identified the following opportunity areas :

1) Provide faster cooking and easier storage solutions

2) Help millennials socialize while cooking

3) Provide compact fitness solutions with music streaming ability

4) Provide improved cleaning solutions that save time and energy


Next steps

A different team used the SET trends, opportunity areas identified and performed generative and evaluative research to develop the final product.