Coursera redesign

A massive open online course provider

What I did

For a design challenge, I proposed product improvements for Coursera, which is a massive open online course provider.

I administered a survey to understand how users search courses they are interested in, their intent in enrolling for a course, the reasons for completing / not completing a course and their overall experience with Coursera. Received 50 responses.

I also conducted usability tests with 3 participants to understand the challenges novice users face in using Coursera.

Finally, I performed an affinity diagramming exercise to extract insights from the data gathered.


Changes I’d like to propose

Searching courses

The survey revealed that users prefer to search for courses by ‘category’

Search_portfolio copy

Therefore, make filter list collapsible to bring ‘categories’ in the upper-fold




Personalized content

The survey revealed that not all users watch all lectures, complete all assignments or use forums


The affinity diagram further revealed users’ preference for personalized content


Therefore, the users should be able to decide the content they want to consume



Informational markers and browsing videos

Usability tests revealed that users have difficulties in understanding the video player interface


Skips sections of the introductory video

Wants a button to jump to the marker

Wants markers to be more informative


Can’t understand what “prev” does

Gets surprised when it takes her to the previous video

Expected it to take her to the beginning of the video


Clicks on next

Thinks it will take her to the next section of the video

Gets confused on realizing it took her to the next video

Therefore, make markers informative and replace the “prev” and “next” buttons with video numbers






In-video discussion forum

The usability tests revealed that users find it difficult to access forums



Therefore, let users access forums while they are watching a video