GoyalHi, I am Peeyush Goyal. I am currently pursuing a masters in product development at Carnegie Mellon University and am deeply interested in applying need-finding methodologies and developmental design strategies to help organizations understand ‘what’ to develop and commit resources to the development of products (or services) that can create, deliver and capture value.

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What I want to work on

I believe that UX research is indispensable to understand the behavior, motivations and attitudes of people and uncover their needs and desires. Consequently, as a UX researcher, I see my responsibility as two fold :

One, to understand consumers’ needs and desires, and identify ‘what’ product (or service) they shall deem useful and desirable.

Second, as a usability enabler, with the goal of developing products (or services) that successfully accomplish the tasks users desire to perform.

I’d love to be a part of an organization which sees research as a strategic tool and an enabler for creating compelling experiences.

I envision myself applying research methodologies to gather raw data, commingle it with the organization’s resources, processes and values and synthesize the information to deliver solutions that add value to both – the organization and its customers.

I’d love to hear from you.

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